Aug 12, 2017

GPU Mining Introduction

Okay, so if reading this, you're probably like me... You've read a ton about mining, perhaps you did a little mining years ago, and you've been seeing these websites all over the web talking about Zcash, Bitcoin Gold, Ubiq, whatever. You most likely did enough research that you're interested in getting into mining and are looking for an informative place to start.

Bitcoin is the "father" cryptocurrency in the game and several years ago you were able to to mine Bitcoin using the graphics cards in your gaming rig. For better or for worse the difficulty of Bitcoin mining has increased to the point where using graphics cards is no longer feasible. As the difficulty of mining Bitcoin has increased, the hash rates that graphics cards can produce, coupled with the cost of the hardware needed and electricity costs, you would not be able to earn you a profit.

But now comes Ethereum (ETH). This is a widely popular coin that you may have read about quite a bit and likely one of the reasons that brought you here. Ethereum is very popular and one of the most commonly mined coins currently behind Bitcoin. There are quite a few coins you can mine with graphics cards though, and Ethereum is just the beginning.

With my setup, I'm mining the Lyra2REv2 ecosystem of coins. This is a nice, stable algorithm for my particular graphics cards. Lyra2REv2 coins includes Vertcoin and Monacoin. As time goes on and the coin values fluctuate, what I'm mining will be subject to change.

Light 'em up and HAPPY MINING!

Light 'em up