Jan 31, 2021

Complete Nvidia 3060 Ti Comparison and Ratings


Updated 29Jan2021


All of the cards listed below are fine and sufficient for good hashing/mining. But you want the best, right? Me too! Here are the qualities used to judge best cards, in this order: 

Reputable manufacturer and warranty Aftermarket cooling type Less power consumption Less power connectors Form factor More fans OC benchmarks reports





Some notes:

  1. It bears repeating, all of these cards are worthy miners. Subtle differences set them apart into different tiers.
  2. The MSI Ventus 3X is ranked SO much higher than the 2X model because, oddly, the 2X requires 2 x 8-pin connectors whereas the 3X only requires 1 x 8-pin connector. The 3X fans run SO much cooler, better, quieter.
  3. Models requiring only one 8-pin PCIe cable (a very good thing for multi-card rigs!): All of the S-tier, and all of the A-tier except for the Gigabyte Aorus Master (requires an 8-pin and a 6-pin).
  4. Particularly slim models: MSI Gaming Ventus (2 and 3X) and PNY Uprising.
  5. The EVGA FTW3 Ultra Gaming model is ranked so low because it runs 40 watts higher than ALL the other models. Additionally, it is a VERY THICK card, nearly 50% thicker than other models.
  6. The Gigabyte Eagle Windforce edition comes with inferior sleeve-bearing fans, whereas all other models use the far superior ball-bearing fans.