Aug 25, 2020

Complete AMD RX 5600 XT Comparison and Ranking

Updated 24Aug2020

The AMD 5600 XT graphics card is a profitable pick if you are in the market for a smooth, steady AMD card with a great long-term return on investment.


All 5600 XT's have been tested and determined to produce generally the same hashrates as their counterparts. You'll see that some cards have higher clock speeds than others - meaning that individual card has been factory-tested and guaranteed to be able to handle at least their listed OC setting. Depending on the "silicon lottery" some individual cards are capable of stably handling much higher OC settings. Unfortunately there is no way to investigate which ones are best until you take them out of the box and test for yourself.
  • Want better airflow and a quieter rig? Opt for a large form factor, more fans, and a non-standard cooling style.
  • More required power connectors simply means more headaches.

So Which 5600 XT's are Recommended?

Bottom line is that all of the below cards are fine and sufficient for good hashing/mining. But you want the best, right? Me too! Here are the qualities I use to judge best cards, in this order:

Reputable manufacturer and warranty aftermarket cooling non-mini form factor less required power connectors more fans OC benchmarks reports.

Tiered Rating Table! Lots of these cards fall into the top levels (S and A-tiers). Pretty much stick with the non-blower style cards, reputable brands with good warranties, and stay clear of any "mining-specific" cards that pop up. With no further adieu: