Nov 30, 2017

GPU's Leaking Oil?

A common occurance for graphics cards that are running 24/7. You may wonder why there's a few drops of a thick oily substance coming out of some (or all) of your cards.
Leaking Oil? Not to worry!

This is not leftover flux from soldering during the manufacturing step. No capacitor failed. No cooling pipe broke.

This is simply thermal pad oil leak, a common result of the rubbery thermal pads heating and cooling in newer GPU's. There is nothing to worry about, and nothing you can do about it aside from dabbing the oil away with a clean cloth. The oil is silicon, an inert (dielectric) substance meaning it won't short any electrical components it comes in contact with.

Pay close attention to that card over the next days/weeks and dab up any residual oil as it continues to build up. Also closely monitor the card temperature and hashrate to ensure that thermal pad oil leak is the only issue. If temperature and hashrate remain similar relative to your other cards then there is no cause for concern.