GPU Mining Resources

Resources for your GPU Mining needs. Check out the links, tools, rankings, guides, tips, etc. Carefully curated by a single person who has turned one's hobby for mining into a living, with operations spread across various sites in Canada, USA and Russia. Mining consultations for clients across the world.

Best Graphics Cards for Mining:
Nvidia RTX 2080 Rankings
Nvidia GTX 1080TI Rankings Nvidia GTX 1070TI Rankings
AMD RX 580 Rankings AMD RX 570 Rankings

Powering Your Rig:
Roundup and Comparison of the Best Power Supply Units Determining the Right-Sized PSU
Maximum Wattage of PSU Cables

What Hardware Do I Buy to Start Mining? Stop Windows 10 Automatic Updates
What are Safe Mining Temperatures? Achieving 24/7 Uptime
A Complete Noob Build and Troubleshooting Guide Mining Ethereum on Windows 10

Advanced Tips and Resources:
What Are Safe Temperatures for GPU Mining? GPU's Leaking Oil
Actual Nvidia 1070ti Hashrates Pool Reward Types Comparison
What I Have Learned from Mining GPU Mining Introduction